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Expert Opinion Evidence (Testimony)
  • Presenting counsel and others with issues including causation arising in personal injury or death from: violence by others with wounding; vehicle and aircraft crashes; work, equipment, sports and recreation accidents; the effect of environment including climate (e.g., hypothermia) and toxic substances.
  • Working with experts to understand mechanical force and resolving those affecting vehicle and aircraft occupants (e.g. relating a crash to occupant movement and vehicle deformation).
  • Medical malpractice (plaintiff or defendant): reviewing hospital records; consultants, laboratory and diagnostic imaging and other reports; interpreting and assessing procedures and standards; defining substantive issues; suggesting and locating consultants with special expertise.
  • Conducting sound background research with particular attention to current literature and practice; briefing counsel on procedures and devices; providing alternatives and probabilities about cause; preparing counsel to consider a course of action and assisting prediction of outcome.
  • Interpreting counsel’s issues to locate and to brief others, including medical experts.
Multiple Fatality Disasters and Mortuary Management
  • Management and assessment of mortuary services in Canada and the United States.
  • Coordinating with government agencies and other specialized services following a disaster.
  • Providing appropriate & compassionate liaison with families regarding circumstances, cause of death and identification of loved ones.
  • Representing government, transport carrier(s) or families to interpret and assist with local procedures or consular protocol.
  • Enabling timely and compassionate repatriation of the dead from overseas to home.
  • Representing investigative agencies to assess pathology or to assist in delivery of mortuary services during investigation of a man-made disaster, for example: air crash.

Family and Next of Kin Liaison

Dr. Butt’s history of work in disaster situations has given him a unique insight into the challenges facing the family and next of kin of disaster and other victims. His work in this area falls into two categories:
  • Compassionate treatment of family and next of kin in disasters, including management of their concerns (e.g., identification, repatriation of remains, documentation)
  • Interpretation of reports made by hospitals, coroners and medical examiners, answering questions that arise out of them.

Dr. John Butt


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